• Greenspeed takes a major step towards making its production of ecological detergents even more sustainable
    Greenspeed takes a major step towards making its production of ecological detergents even more sustainable

    Greenspeed is entering into an exclusive industrial partnership with "Vandeputte Soap & Detergents" to produce cleaning products for professional use. As of January 2018, Greenspeed's range will be produced at the former Ecover factory in Boulogne-sur-Mer (France), owned by Vandeputte since June 2016. This joint venture between a pair of like-minded partners opens up promising prospects for all current and potential customers who value ecological responsibility.


  • Circulaire schoonmaak

    There is a growing awareness that our planet is not indestructible nor its assets inexhaustible and that we should be using the Earth's natural resources more consciously and carefully. "Resource scarcity", "sustainability" and "recycling" are becoming more everyday influences on our lives, but increasingly the concept of the "circular economy" is being understood and implemented. Its definition is simple: an economy based on renewable resources. It also involves reusing or recycling products instead of sending them to overflowing landfills or incinerators. Greenspeed is making the circular economy a reality by implementing fully circular cleaning. Our mission is to close the circle.

    How are we doing this?

  • C-shuttle

    The service team at Lentis healthcare did the test and chose the entire Greenspeed range, including the new C-shuttle. The C-shuttle is an innovative cleaning trolley that is Comfortable to use, Creative and Chic in design, Compact and Clean and with a Classic movement. What's more, the cleaning trolley is made out of 75% recycled plastic!

    Curious as to Lentis Healthcare's experiences?


  • Nilfisk
    Smart cleaning solutions with a positive impact

    Greenspeed delivers powerful smart cleaning solutions. Smart because our products are efficient, truly innovative, user-friendly and ecological. They have a positive impact on the user, the environment and the cleaning industry.


  • Bomac
    Greenspeed achieves Cradle to Cradle Certified™ at GOLD level

    At the recent international trade fair show ISSA/INTERCLEAN in Amsterdam, Greenspeed was awarded a Cradle to Cradle Certified™ GOLD mark for its kitchen and interior cleaning product lines. "This Gold certification rewards and celebrates our efforts to develop innovative, powerful, sustainable cleaning products for the worldwide cleaning industry", says Greenspeed CEO Michel de Bruin proudly.


  • Bomac
    Greenspeed takes over Ecover Professional

    Greenspeed has recently taken over Ecover's Professional business and products. Both companies are driven by the same philosophy of innovation and going beyond sustainability! The addition of this fantastic range of ecological cleaning products to Greenspeed's portfolio enables us to deliver an even greater sustainable cleaning concept.


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Greenspeed works to strict environmental, quality and health standards, underlined by the criteria reached and certifications awarded to our business and our products, including Cradle to Cradle, Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the EU Ecolabel.

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